All set for your first ever Europe trip? You might be very excited and looking forward to the overwhelming experience of a lifetime. Discovering some of the world’s beautiful and unique cities and beaches, indulging in memorable island-hopping adventures, enjoying the enticing authentic food experiences, and exploring Europe’s thriving nightlife scenes. There are several different reasons this continent offer to every kind of traveler. But during the trip, most of the people tend to make some common mistakes which add to an extremely unpleasant travel experience. So, if you want to make the most of your European vacation, you should avoid making these mistakes, especially, if you are a first-time visitor.

Carrying Lots of Cash

When you are traveling to a foreign land, it is always better to carry extra cash. But, when you are on Europe travel, you don’t have to load your wallet with tons of it because a lot of places accept credit cards too. Although most of the cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, shops, and taxis expect payments in cash, it is still advisable to carry only some amount but small enough to make you feel safe.

Ordering Water and Bread Basket

If you think that water is free and bread are complimentary in Europe, then you are wrong. In many restaurants, both are chargeable. If you consume them, they will add these into your bill. If you want to save some cash or you are traveling to Europe on a budget, you can refuse these items when served. Instead, grab a water bottle for less from a convenience store and carry along.

Understating Comfort

Traveling becomes better and more fun when you are comfortable and wandering around in Europe is no different. No matter which part of the continent you are in, there will be a lot of walking and hiking involved. So, avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable attire. A pair or two of sneakers or walking shoes, shorts, casual pants, tops, and a nice outfit are essentials that you must pack along.

Getting into Confrontations

You might be courageous enough to face or handle any conflicts, but, when you are in a European destination, it is always better to stay away from getting into any confrontations. Just walk away if you see an argument starting. Strikes and protests are quite common in some cities in Europe, so, beware of any planned strikes and refrain from visiting those areas.

Not Buying Tickets in Advance

The famous sites and attractions in Europe get filled up very fast. And you don’t want to take a chance. So, do not wait until the last minute, standing in long queues. Book your tickets in advance, especially when you are in Paris and Rome.

Booking a Stay in an International Property

No matter how lavish you want your stay to be, if you are staying in a luxury hotel, you will miss out on the beautiful European character that makes the cities interesting. It is better to book your stay in a family-run hotel, BNB, small guesthouse, or a local farm to live like a true local and feel the vibe of the place.

Not Claiming VAT Tax Refund

Besides the several tourist attractions and culinary delights at top-notch bars and restaurants, Europe is also known for some fantastic shopping places. And the best part is you can claim VAT refund up to 19%-20% in cash. All you need to do is save your receipt, ask the refund form from the cashier, get it stamped, and show it at the tax refund desk at the airport before leaving Europe.

Also, on your Europe trip, avoid carrying giant suitcases that you can’t move around, choose to walk or use public transportation over cabs, depend on the local markets for shopping and do not miss out on trying the local delicacies.