This blog’s main aim is to introduce you to the best budget travel destinations in 2021, where you can go on a vacation without looting a bank.

It could be America, a country whose purchasing power is healthy or a place that could provide a good experience.

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Let’s discuss the top 15 best budget travel destinations in 2021

Top Budget Travel Destination #1

1. San Antonio, the United States of America

budget travel destination, San Antonio Riverwalk

If you are hungry for the original Mexican Food or Tex-Mex, San Antonio is the place for you. You can come upon many historical sites, such as the San Fernando Cathedral, and host night shows at night for free.

In case you plan to go there on weekends, do not forget to wander around the farmer’s market at Pearl’s Brewery.

Budget Travel Destination #2

2. Hawaii, The USA

Hawaii, USA

This place might not be the most inexpensive, but the flights are pretty cheap from the Mainlands to Hawaii. You get the south pacific vibes there with the ease of America plus a shorter flight duration as a bonus.

Budget Travel Destination #3

3. Puebla, Mexico – Best Budget Travel Destination


Once you go there, you can quickly figure out why it is a heritage site of UNESCO. As an agriculture lover, you can spend several days investigating historical sites and churches.

In cities, it ranks as the fourth largest one in Mexico, yet you will barely see any tourists there. A luring point for introverts!

Budget Travel Destination #4

4. St. Helena -Affordable Travel Destination

Saint Helena

Saint Helena

If you like hiking and trekking, Saint Helena is the perfect place for you. It is a relatively cheap place once you reach the center of the south Atlantic ocean. You will get to see English culture amalgamated with the island one, excellent cuisine, and even globally the most faraway golf course.

Budget Travel Destination #5

5. Province Of Laguna, the Philippines

province of laguna

province of Laguna

The white sand and Palawan beaches, Siargao surfing, Cebu or Boracay, and the northern mountains make the Philippines popular, where the province of Laguna is not very popular.

If you are stopping over at manila for some days, we recommend the province of Laguna; it has the city of San Pablo (called the “city of seven lakes as well”) and also hot springs; you can comfortably access these locations with cars, rental vehicles, public transports and it costs below $10

Budget Travel Destination #6

6. The Balkan Peninsula – Economical Destination To Travel

balkan tours

Most people think that Europe is very expensive, but it is not always true, yes you get us right! You will not have to sell your kidney to travel there; you can come across Europe on a budget in the Balkan Peninsula.

Croatia is the most liked Balkan country and could be expensive too. That is why we recommend you explore the Balkan Peninsula at Herceg Novi, Montenegro, then you can take a bus and travel to Bosnia Herzegovina.

Budget Travel Destination #7

7. Budapest, Hungary


Travelers can feel a student environment in this European Country as it is the residence of many universities. You can visit great parks and greenery in the Red bricked city.

Budget Travel Destination #8

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

No city is as inebriating as Buenos Aires, globally. You will see grand European style architectures lined up in the street, endless parks, and warm cafes—a magnificent place to travel.

Budget Travel Destination #9

9. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi dessert, Magnolia

To cut down the tour cost, you can ask your guide to join you with other travelers and make a new group of friends. The Gobi desert scenery will transform into green forests; even in the peak tourist season, you can have many places to yourself.

Budget Travel Destination #10

10. South Africa

south africa, cheapest places to travel 2021

South Africa’s beauty will blow your mind; it is a very diverse place in context to its nature, activities, culture, and people. One day you can climb mountains, and the other day you can dive into the ocean along with the sharks. You will get a low cost of Uber and other transports there.

Budget Travel Destination #11

11. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Zanzibar, affordable places to travel 2021

You will fall in love with Zanzibar, such a fantastic place it is, its people and the ocean. The environment is much more friendly and fun. Despite having expensive hotels, you can find some inexpensive beds and breakfast facilities.

Budget Travel Destination #12

12. Armenia

Armenia, cheapest places to travel 2021

Many tourists are not even aware of Armenia; hidden like an incognito gem from so many travelers, it still has a lot to offer; history, magnificent landscapes, ancient monasteries, rich history, breathtaking mountain views, etc.

Its capital is Yerevan, a vibrant city with complete routes, local handicrafts, street markets, and delicious restaurants.

Dishes that we recommend include dolma, barbequed meat, or you can call it khorovats in the local language and cheese with their local bread called lavash.

Armenia is the perfect place for wine lovers to try out Armenian wine made of various fruits like pomegranate (it is the national symbol of Armenia as well), cherries, and blackberries.

Budget Travel Destination #13

13. Serbia

Serbia, budget places to travel 2021

It is one of the not so known places yet has enough potential to make you feel alive.

The Belgrade city is continuing in motion each day. There are fantastic restaurants, bars, cafes, friendly locals who help you out, etc.

You are most likely to spot people of all age groups enjoying and appreciating their national drink, “rakija.” You will find both Serbian and continental food in the restaurants.

Serbian nightlife is full of colors; parties happen till dusk to dawn on the Danube riverbank on floating clubs and bars.

Best Budget Travel Destination #14

14. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania - Beautiful Budget Travel Destination

Transylvania is known for its myths and folk stories. So have developed an original and distinctive culture and one of the most welcoming locals, you can easily travel here on a budget. A Transylvania trip could be a cultural shock; you can also taste strong spirits as their specialty.

You will not feel any mass commercialization and the high rates that one sees in the European culture. You will get to enjoy a lot of pocket-friendly fun activities to do in Transylvania.


Moscow, Russia

best budget travel destinations moscow

One of the best budget travel destinations is Moscow, Russia. Even the inflated prices during the World Cup does not warrant the prices to be expensive. There are plenty of things and places to see in the city.
One of the recommended places is Lenin’s Mausoleum, the resting place of the former Soviet leaders.

Moscow is known for its extremely cold in winters when the temperature reaches below zero degrees Celsius.

We hope you liked 15 (and a bonus) best budget travel destinations for 2021. So where are you planning to go?