For every solo female traveler, packing the right things for the trip can be a daunting task. You would require a different approach every time you travel solo as the packing depends on a variety of factors. These can be:

  • The destination you are going to
  • The weather
  • The nature of your travel
  • The duration of your travel

However, certain concerns become more pressing when it comes to traveling alone. Personal safety tops the list. Here we share a few staple items which every solo female traveler should keep handy while traveling abroad.

Door Stopper
Deadbolts and other such security features vary widely from hotel to hotel. Many hotel doors open to the outside. In such situations, a door stopper can be an extra layer of security. These door stoppers can be wedged under the hotel door and can stop anyone from entering into your room unannounced. There are many portable door security devices with features such as an alarm system that goes off when any pressure is applied at the door.

door stopper


Money Belt

When you are traveling to places where you need to drop your backpack in the hostel for a day, then having a money belt can be of help. A money belt is the safest option to store all your stash. There are money belts available that are not bulky and hence do not attract attention. You can keep your money, debit/credit cards and much more securely in the belt.

money belt


If you want to avoid contact with germs as much as possible while traveling, then wipes can be of help. Wipes can double as napkins, wet wipes or even tissues. In most of the countries, these might not easily come by. Hence, having one’s own pack is imperative.


Bungee Cord

You can buy a mini bungee cord and use it for a variety of purposes. It can be used to keep a door closed or open, to close a busted bag or as a makeshift clothesline. These cords do not take much space in your backpack and yet prove useful in dire circumstances.

bungee cord

Diva Cup

Not every country that you travel to will have the kind of female hygiene products you require. To keep yourself safe from falling into such a situation when on periods, you can carry a reusable Diva cup. It is a washable insert than can make your days less strenuous. This can also help you avoid carrying too many tampons which you have to discard after every use.

diva cup

Tip: If you are not a regular user of the cup, then it advisable to use it before your travels so that you are not uncomfortable on your trip.

Microfiber Towel

Many hostels or hotels might not provide basic toiletries such as a towel. A microfiber towel is easy to use and a quick-dry option. It folds into a small bundle and does not require much space in your backpack.

microfiber towel


A headlamp is a convenient solution to light your way in dark areas. If you are on a hike then you do not need to dig into your bag to find a flashlight. If you are in a country where there are power cuts then a headlamp can help you lead the way.

head lamp

Personal Safety Alarm or Whistle

Pepper spray is not legal in many countries. A whistle or a personal safety alarm is the next best thing. These devices can help keep intruders away. Many personal alarms that run on a battery have a backup whistle in case your battery runs out.


Zip Pocket Jacket

A Zip Pocket Jacket not only helps you keep yourself warm, but it also ensures that your bus, train or other such tickets are tucked in safe. A zip pocket can give you easy access to your essentials.

zip pocket jacket

Traveling solo can be smooth if you pack light. The above items are small and can fit easily in your backpack. Furthermore, we share a few tips to help you pack light for the next solo travel.

  1. Find travel luggage that suits your needs. Preferably a backpack.
  2. Take clothes that can be mixed and matched.
  3. Use compression packing cubes and fold/roll your clothes.
  4. Stuff your toiletries in a pouch. Make sure they are all travel size.
  5. Take only a maximum of 3 dual-purpose pairs shoes.
  6. Use a drawstring wash bag to store your make-up or used laundry.
  7. Wear your large wearable items instead of packing them.
  8. Get travel-size electronics.

Traveling solo with just a backpack is a smart decision. The key is to have the right essentials for the trip and avoid the ones that do not serve any purpose. A simple hack is to write down all the things you feel you need and then strike out the ones which you can avoid packing. However, keeping the above-listed items handy can help you in more ways than one. Add those to your packing list and have a safe solo trip.