Traveling alone is a fun and rewarding experience. It offers a good opportunity for self-reflection and boundless freedom. It gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and discover yourself. But it is not without risks either. Without proper planning and execution of them, you will have to face a lot of troubles and will ruin the journey.  

When you are going solo across the country. The riskiest things travel and stay. For a single person, only these factors are scary. Book your transportation medium and stay room by checking for its service and security. Decide which mode of travel will you prefer – road, water, rail or sky? Although flying solo is a thrill and safe as well. Boating to the places wherever you can is also fun. For the traveling purpose, be sure to book before your seat at the cheapest rate by comparing various airline services, buses, and trains that offer solo trip discounts.

Let us see some tips for solo travel that help you realize most of it.

Tips for solo travel across the country:

#1. Prioritize Your Safety:

Safety is the first and foremost thing to consider when traveling especially during solo travels.

Some destinations are friendly for solo travels but some are not. So study well the area you are going to visit and understand the risks. Just in case, inform the embassy and others if you are going on a slightly dangerous trip. Travel insurance is also necessary when going on a solo trip.

#2. Save before & Cut Costs on travel & Stay:

Nothing is wrong if you save a buck. Try With money saved and costs cut, you can put that money into things more valuable. The main cost to cut is flights. Following simple tips like going off-season, mixing and matching airlines, browsing private can save you a lot during the booking of flights. During the trip, your stay, food, and transportation you use all are determinants of the total cost of the trip. 

While eating in luxury places is a delight, street food is also good and cheap. If your stay has a kitchen, you can also consider obtaining the required groceries and cooking the food yourself, at least breakfast and dinner.

Staying in the center of the city certainly raises costs, but staying just outside the city would incur considerably less cost (even half) than that occur in the previous case. They will not be far from the city with generally a 30 min journey to the city. For transportation, rather than using a taxi, you could walk, bike or use public transport to get to different locations.

#3. Beware of Scams:

Unfortunately, there exist a lot of shady people who want to take advantage of tourists and pull a lot of scams. But if you are careful, you can avoid a lot of them. For example, a taxi might come up to you saying that their taxi meter is broken and charge you a hefty amount after the trip. To deal with this, negotiate the rates prior to the ride.

#4. Interact with locals:

Along with exploring different locations, spend your time interacting with locals too. They will give a lot of inside information about the place, also give you suggestions on where to go next. You can gain a lot of wisdom from their experience. It would be great if you learn some words of their own language and talk to them in that!

#5. Explore yourself & Do things that you wouldn’t do with others:

Don’t be hesitant to try out things that you would not generally do because This is a great chance to know what you really are! For example, you could explore an art museum all day long instead of hanging out with your friends on the beaches.

#6. Check if you got the solo travelers community:

There will be similar minds like yours, to go solo. Bunch with them for traveling and staying purpose. You can book your tickets and rooms together. This will not only save you bucks but you are more secure.

Traveling solo is a great experience. You explore the dimension within you in a different manner. Even if you start enjoying your own company by knowing yourself inside out. The only thing to take care of before leaving solo is, your travel and stay bookings. You can book emergency tickets for flights even these days. And stays and other travel modes are open for emergency services.