While it is always recommended booking a flight well in advance, there are times (such as for business travel, unplanned holidays, etc.) when you have to search for last-minute flights in lesser time. This is when you may miss out on the best deals on flights, have to spend on expensive airfares, and also lose the flexibility of traveling as per your convenience because you have no choice.

However, it does not mean that finding cheaper airfares is impossible. Some ways can help you save on your air travel. All you need is to do some hard work and put in extra efforts to find budget-friendly airfares, unlike in bookings that are made in advance.

Thinking how to get cheap air tickets for your last-minute travel plans? Here are six useful techniques:

1. Browse Multiple Sites to Find a Suitable Deal or Airfare

There is no shortage of online travel sites today, but you would have to spend some good amount of time on researching the ideal deals. Browse through different sites until you find suitable ticket prices for your budget-travel and book your tickets before they are gone. You can also search at mid-night when many companies cut down on the ticket prices.

2. Book Red-Eye Flights

Flights that depart early or arrive late are called red-eye flights. If you are flexible with your schedule, you can opt for such flights for your last-minute travel. These are usually discounted by the airlines and can save you some money.

3. Sign up for the Newsletters to Stay Updated with the Latest Offers

One of the smartest ways of scoring low airfares is to sign up for the newsletters and price alerts of your preferred airlines and the online travel agency. Whenever there is a new promotional offer or airfare sale launched, you will be notified through e-mails and notifications. This way, you can stay updated with the latest fares and book your flights at a lower price.

4. Be Active on the Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform if you want to reap the benefits of availing cheap flights and want to know where to get cheap air tickets from. Follow your favorite airlines and the top online travel agencies as they often post about their latest flight offers that might interest you. As soon as you find the best deal online, you can get your reservations done.

5. Travel in the Middle of the Week

Be prepared to pay double the ticket price if planning to book a last-minute flight within 48 hours of departure. Else, if your schedule allows, you can postpone your travel dates and fly in the middle of the week when the majority of business travelers are not flying.

6. Be Flexible with your Travel Plans

Flexibility is essential if you want to save dollars on your ticket. As you may not be able to find cheap flights for a specific date, time, destination, and departure airport that you have in your mind. The scenario of booking flights at the eleventh hour is different and requires you to be flexible if you want to fetch a good deal.