What to carry while traveling to a beautiful continent? Keep your packing list for Australia on fleek to make it a memorable trip. Take out your bags and pack these must-have now!

Australia is a land of great diversity because of its isolation from the rest of the world. The distinctive flora and fauna of this continent make it an ideal place for exploration, soul-searching and also relaxing.

Flight tickets to your destination down under are most likely to be expensive if you don’t book them months in advance. So get that concern addressed at the outset like a smart traveler!

8 Top Australia Packing List Items Are:

1. Sunscreen

packing list for Australia #1 - Sunscreen

The Sun in Australia is different and let’s focus on tackling that aspect right away. Sunscreen with least amount of chemicals is suitable to be carried for your trip down under. Even if you are taking last minute flights, this has to be a non-negotiable. This is one of the most important things to pack for Australia! 

2. Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

packing list for Australia #2 - eye mask and ear plugs

What if you wanted  to get some shut eye amidst chaos, say at a brightly lit airport? Both these items come in handy to sleep peacefully whenever and wherever you want. While sharing a room with others, ear plugs are very useful to disconnect with your day and move into slumber. 

3. Sunglasses & Hat

packing list for Australia #3 - Sunglasses and hat

In summer, the Sun in Australia is closest to Sun due to the orbit of the Earth. Without fail, pack your best pick of sunglasses and round hats to steer clear of the bright Australian Sun and the scorching heat. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated with fruits and other liquids (not aerated drinks or alcohol). 

4. Travel Towel

packing list for Australia #4 - travel towel

Isn’t it annoying when you have to move from one place to another in a country and your towel is still wet? A wet towel becomes a breeding spot for bacteria. Hence, it is important to invest in a travel towel that dries quickly. It is also called Quick Dry Towels. These are made to absorb heat and dries quicker than the thick bath robes and hotel room towels which are sometimes unhygienic.

5. Beachwear

packing list for Australia #5 - beachwear

Australia is an island with mostly deserts in the centre. All the major city centres of the country are situated on the coasts or very close to them. Bearing this in mind, you need to pack your beachwear smartly. Beach slippers, shorts, swim-wear, swimming goggles, etc. Being on the beach somewhere in Gold Coast or venturing in to the sea for the Great Barrier Reef, you will need all your essentials to drop all worries and be in the moment! 

6. Jackets, Sweater 

Before travelling to Australia, you must know that it being a vast land, there are different weather conditions in its varied terrain. Some places may get chilly in the night and it is essential to prepare for such unpleasant weather with jackets and light sweaters. For example, if you are a rider, you might want to protect yourself from the winds to feel at ease. Feeling uncomfortable for a prolonged period may translate to fever, cold and cough. It is a pre-requirement for good health to be comfortable.

7. Safety First

packing list for Australia #7 - aid kit

As with any long travel, secure your travel insurance with respect to accidents and emergencies. Cheap flights are available to be booked when you plan your trip in advance but also be sure to take up travel insurance for yourself. Also keep a first aid kit handy so as to have a go-to box for all your paracetamols, band-aids, safety-pins, crepe rolled bandages and so on. 

8. Compatible Plugs

packing list for Australia #8 - cabels

For all your devices, charging with compatible voltage and connectors is a must. Carry the required wires, cables and converters needed to be fully charged at all times. Australia and New Zealand have similar, standardized use of plugs and electrical ports. Make sure you know all about them. 

Doing the Australian things to do on your trip will have you pack a shade differently for your trip and exercise enough caution by prioritizing the same weeks before the day of your journey. Note that you have to make arrangements for your travel in case you want to try out specific interests like Surfing at the Gold Coast.