Have plans to fly on the Thanksgiving holiday? This year, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, traveling maybe even more boisterous and stressful than usual.

Many are wondering: is it an excellent time to fly at all? Despite this, the bright side is, if getting family time demands hopping on a plane, there are few tips you can practice to guard yourself and those around you.

Preferably, people should avoid traveling this year. However, people have different obligations and demands. This year has been rough amid the pandemic. Mental stress levels have doubled.

Domestic violence, abuse, alcohol consumption, and drug use are rising. So, a person may feel like traveling. Thanksgiving days are the perfect time to break the toxic loop.

Thanksgiving travel dates around the corner will let us all make difficult decisions concerning our travel programs and meetings. Eventually, travel choice depends on individuals and should evaluate all the possible risks and benefits.

Travel booking platforms shows that while the travelers will be almost half from last thanksgiving holiday, there are a few days to avoid if you don’t want to be a part of crowded airports.

Avoiding busiest days for traveling has always been a thing at the back of the mind, even pre-pandemic, but now there is an additional purpose to avoid few thanksgiving travel dates. However, amid coronavirus, lots of travelers are expected, and so as the crowded airports.

In case you can go by road, driving is safer than flying in some circumstances; this way, you can expose to fewer people.

There will be fewer flights operating this time due to the pandemic. Few airlines even announced cutting 50% of their flights around the holiday season, resulting in crowded flights or delayed and cancellation.

Important Tips Before Flying For The Thanksgiving Holiday:

  • Before you fly

Before you make a flight booking, consider the risks uncommon to your living situation.

Do not travel if you are surrounded by young children or senior citizens or have any medical problem.

After estimating the risks involved, properly ensure factors like flight time and the airline you choose are taking care of safety guidelines. Selecting the first flight of the morning is generally less crowded. Passengers should opt for airlines that keep middle seats vacant and don’t overbook.

Flying around the thanksgiving holiday tends to be riskier due to overbooked flights, but best to keep this in mind before flying anywhere.

Select the seat in the front of the plane as it lets you board and exit first, minimizing the exposure to others. Seating at the back of the aircraft can also help you the same way.

Window seating is a good idea; it reduces the contact with others, keeps you away from people moving their bags in the overhead compartment, or walking through the aisles.

Try to avoid seating areas near the washroom, which will attract a continuous stream of fellow passengers throughout the journey.

Before traveling, get your vaccinations and flu shot before, especially immunization vaccines for influenza, pertussis, and pneumonia.

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  • On the day of your flight

The day you are flying, make sure you’ve packed all the essential supplies. Best to carry multiple masks, as well as hand sanitizer, antibacterial, or bleach wipes for sanitizing surfaces like public washrooms or your seat tray.

Truly making to the airport may be an issue considering where you have resided. Having someone to escort you to the airport could alleviate some risk; this way, you can avoid public transportation or cab sharing services.

Once you reach the airport or the flight, avoid touching too many surfaces, and maintain a distance from others at the airport. Try to be as cautious as possible on your safe and exciting thanksgiving flights.

  • Get your Covid test done

Few airlines are offering COVID-19 examination, but they’re only contributing to travelers headed to a confined number of places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, or Hawaii. American Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines, and United Airlines are among the few that conduct COVID-19 tests.

In case your destination is different from the partnered spot, consider getting a COVID-19 test before your flight. Make sure you get the results back in the buffer of a few days before you leave. In case of any exposure, quarantine yourself for 14 days.

Get tested and make sure you have results before your trip. Avoid using the antibody test or any other tests because they may be fast but less accurate.

  • Once you reach

Where you visit is a significant factor regarding safety. Hotels are maintaining all the hygienic standards, including cleaning practices, wearing masks in public spaces, and following social distancing guidelines. Call the hotel before the reservation to ensure their COVID-19 safety measures.

However, staying with family and friends is safer. Thanksgiving holiday is all about staying close to your loved ones, especially if you know they are safe and following quarantine guidelines.

It’s okay if you can avoid traveling during thanksgiving days; staying in is best for you and your dear ones keeping in mind the safety course of action. Even if you have plans to travel, carry many masks and wipes, and maintain distance at the airport.

Ensure avoiding close interaction with others wherever plausible, and quarantine yourself once you make it to your destination.

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