December 2020, the last month of the year. It brings us many good holiday destinations, be it a beach vacation in a warm destination like Thailand or Indonesia or a trip to the Christmas markets in Europe.

There are no excuses for travelling in December.

So Faremart Travels have curated a list of best holiday destinations to travel this December.

New Year’s Eve offers the opportunity to fly on vacation and celebrate the New Year with different traditions. Thanks to the holidays this month, you can also enjoy vacations during the Constitution Bridge, in addition to enjoying shorter weeks and fewer days of work.

So go thinking and live the winter as you like best: with sun and warm temperatures on the beach or ski slopes in the cold snow.

Vacations are popular in December, especially for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Spain, although trips to European and Spanish cities are also a perfect option.

Do you especially like Christmas markets? Then I recommend you take a look at the most beautiful and famous Christmas markets in Europe. Also, discover the events and festivals that take place this month and that you cannot miss.

Decide what you want the most to start the winter and live an unforgettable trip!

Best December Holiday Destinations Around the World


Best December Holiday Destinations around the World