We have all been there where we would have fixed on that perfect getaway, found the right hotel and had dreamed of our upcoming holiday, only for it to all come crashing down on us because of the exorbitant flight charges. Here are 10 tips to save money on your next air travel so you can safe-land on your dream location.

1. The early bird catches the worm: Book early to bag cheap airfares
Good things might not always come to those who wait — especially in flight booking. If your plans are all set out, booking your flight in advance will give you cheaper rates. Flight rates usually get higher with time. It’s never a good idea to put booking your flight to last minute as the prices might shoot up astronomically.

2. Bump your plans to weekdays over the weekends
It is usually cheaper to fly out during the weekdays as compared to the weekends. Since weekends are the most comfortable time to travel, airlines increase their fare during the time. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are said to be the golden days to clinch the best flight deals. Early morning and late-night flights are also cheaper since everyone likes to get a proper shut-eye in the comforts of their bed rather than on flight seats.

3. Always keep an eye out for price fluctuations
Flight fares can tip towards both sides — it can either shoot up or can swing your way too.
Even if your flight tickets cost high at the beginning, chances are that the fares would drop. It’s best to keep a custom alert on your flight fares so you can keep a good eye out and strike when the iron is hot.

4. Break up your romance with those direct flight journeys
If you intend to travel long distances, it’s best to break up your journey rather than booking one direct flight. If you are travelling from Paris to Singapore, instead of opting for a direct flight, go for a connecting flight option with a layover in Dubai. Chances are that booking a connecting flight from a different airline can help you save a hundred bucks or two.

5. Use your debit/credit card perks
More often than not, your credit/debit card companies would crop up with cashback offers. Their offers can have a really positive impact on deducting the unaffordable prices into an affordable margin. Use these offers to your advantage while booking to save more money.

6. Fly into smaller airports
The larger and busier the airports, the costlier the prices would be. If you have enough time in your hands and don’t mind commuting, booking a flight to smaller airports can garner you cheap flights. Major cities almost always have a secondary smaller airport. Smaller airports are a haven for the budget airlines because they charge smaller landing fees. You can always catch a connecting train, bus, or even rent a car to reach your destination which would be way cheaper.

7. Coupon Codes and Deals to the rescue
Deals, discounts and coupon codes should be the biblical code while booking cheap flights. Some airlines routinely give out promo codes. Apply these attractive coupon codes to further reduce your flight prices. Most airlines also offer student and senior citizen discounts. Combining this with your debit/credit card perks will definitely leave your wallet intact.

8. Off-season travelling
The increased flux during the season will prompt the airliners to milk the situation. On the other hand, flight tickets are less during the off-season timings. Hence if you don’t mind braving unpredictable weather, off-season travelling is one of the best ways to get some best flight deals. Besides, visiting a place during the off-season brings out an entirely different charm to the place. Also no noisy tourists.

9. Be flexible with your dates
If getting a cheap flight and budgeting your trip is your top priority, experimenting with your dates can go a long way in saving. Look out for the time when the fares are cheaper and plan your entire trip around it.

10. Give budget airlines a chance
Budget airlines have made air travel a little more affordable, albeit being notorious for their timings. But it’s safe to bet you money on most of the famous budget airlines as they get the job done. Be sure to check their terms and conditions for baggage restrictions.

Having a flexible date and booking early are two fail-safe techniques to get cheap flight deals. Add to it your credit/debit card discounts and other airline discounts, and voila! you might land upon a good deal. The more you save on the flight deals, the more you can dole those bucks out for your favourite activity at your destination.