Are you planning a trip to Europe for the first time? The reasons can be endless- its rich history, exquisite art, quirky coffee shops, delicious Italian food, idyllic beaches, scenic villages, cobblestoned streets, myriad of sights, and whatnot. With these, your vacation can be truly magical but be prepared for your biggest expense. It’s really worth it.

Europe vacation is no less than a dream, and as a traveler, you should make the most of it. And if you are thinking of a budget-friendly trip to Europe, then there is one way that can help you save dollars on the price of your tickets and that is- looking for the best time to purchase airline tickets.

Fluctuations in the prices of airfares occur everyday, especially when the departure date is closer. So, it is important to know when is the best time to buy cheap airline tickets.

Know the Cheapest Time to Fly

Summertime in Europe that is from June to August, is the most expensive time of the year for booking tickets, especially the month of July. Plus, the weekends, festivals, special holidays, and events like sports tournaments, etc. contribute to higher airfares. But, in late August, the fares start to go down.

Thinking about when to buy airline tickets? If you are planning to visit the continent during the summer months, book your tickets at least three months in advance, try to travel on weekdays (Mondays and Wednesdays), or consider visiting in the first week of June, or after mid-August.

For exploring Europe in winter, November through March (except for Christmas week and New Year) is the time when you can find excellent deals on flights.

When to Search and Buy Plane Tickets

For any last-minute flight bookings, you might not find great discounts or deals. However, that doesn’t mean you will have to spend more on your bookings. In such a scenario, you can search for flights after midnight when many companies reduce the prices of flight tickets that were available and not booked during the day. Also, it is believed that if you book a flight at midnight on a Tuesday, you might save around 5% on your online bookings.

More Ways to Save on Flight Tickets to Europe

Finding cheap airfare deals is like a gamble. But, if you know these tips, nothing can stop you from bagging the deal of a lifetime for your Europe vacation:

  • Be flexible with your travel dates unless there is a particular reason or some occasion. If you are flexible, select the dates on which you can save more money.
  • Fly to a gateway city to get cheaper flights. This tip works best if you are planning to visit Eastern or Central Europe. Because flying to any of the Western European cities and taking a connecting flight operated by a discount airline to your destination will fetch you a good discount.
  • Delete your search history and internet cookies regularly. This is because when you search for the same itinerary repeatedly, your searches get stored and cookies remember them. And the next time you look for the same flights, the site will show increased prices based on your search history.
  • Subscribe to the newsletters of online travel booking agencies to stay updated with the latest and exclusive deals.