Travel to Europe is one of the most traveled destinations in the world. It has a wide range of places to visit and many with great historic importance. But one thing that ruins the total experience is the high expenses that one has to bear for their travel. Getting discounts on travel expenses would save you a lot. Check out the exciting offers for flight fares. A few airlines offer cool promo codes if you are traveling for the first time with the airplane.

It is estimated that an average trip from the US to Europe costs exceeding $1000 excluding the flights and flights that are not that cheap too. But, if one correctly plans all aspects of their travel, they can complete all of their travel within $1000. 

Read on to know how you can save your bucks while traveling to Europe. 

Fly to destinations which are less visited

Europe is full of beautiful locations but some of them are not popular destinations for tourists. So, ticket prices tend to be low for these areas giving you an extra removal of weight on your wallet.

Book during off-season for traveling to the UK

Airlines vary their ticket prices according to the demand. Many visit Europe during the summer, so tickets and many other prices like hotel rooms, etc will be high. But one also can have a great experience while visiting the place in other seasons like winter. So try visiting Europe in the off-season to beat the price. Also, Many airlines routinely provide various offers for destinations all over the world. Always keep an eye out for new offers and grab them while they are still valid. These offers could be as low as $400 for European countries. Also, avoid travel packages as they cost a lot.

And there is also another positive aspect for going off-season or to an unpopular place – fewer crowds! With not so high crowds, you can enjoy the visit unlike any other.

Plan the accommodation for Traveling to Europe:

Having good accommodation is very important because you would be there for days. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot on it to get a comfortable one. You will be surprised to see that small changes you do will save you big!. Here are the ways you can save money while planning for your accommodation while traveling to Europe:

Book your stay outside the big cities

While traveling to Europe, you don’t always need to be in the heart of the city to get comfortable accommodation. In many cases, living about 30- 40 km outside the city will give you the same comfort with a greatly diminished price. Even considering into account the travel expenses, they still worth it!

Save on Food, Transportation and other

Another big thing where many travelers lost a lot of money is on Food and transportation. Many also put a lot of money buying Souvenirs— things that help as a memory of their travel. Let’s see how one can save in these areas.

Cook your breakfast and dinner

Many places for accommodation also provide you with a kitchen. Why not use it? Cooking your food helps you save a great amount of money than eating out at restaurants. Getting a week’s worth of groceries on average will cost you more than three times less compared to eating out.

Walk your way!

Riding in taxis to all the places will save you time, but their costs can also add up to a lot if not checked. Consider walking over small distances which will be a bit of exercise and also let you experience the place from a closer perspective.

Remember that photos are great Souvenirs

There will be many attractive items that you will want to buy as souvenirs — but also think that every new item you buy will affect your total budget. Only buy those items that you are very fond of and also take good pictures of your time there. Pictures also last longer and will also evoke the good feelings of the past.

Share your expenses

Going in a group has a lot of advantages, you can enjoy with your friends and also share many expenses like room and food groceries. Make sure that all agree on the budget before taking off so there would be a collective mood of spending less.

Adding it up

Let’s add up all our costs and see whether we managed to get it below $1000. Let the round trip flight cost be $450, Consider Accommodation cost be around $65 a night and for a 5-day trip, it would be $325. If you share this between two, it would be $162.5 per person. Both of them add to $512.5. If all the other costs are maintained correctly, they should not be more than $450 so one can travel o Europe without spending more than $1000!