Travel is an exciting time for people. To optimize the experience it is best to minimize the obstacles by being cautious of the different aspects of travel like accommodation, transportation and of course the big one, packing! So how to pack for a trip? For most of us, the task of packing is tedious and does it ever happen that you can’t quite remember where you have kept the essentials when you need them? 

Taking care of packing efficiently is akin to taking care of the trip! Half the job is done with smart packing for travel as it lends smoothness to your entire journey. 

So here are seven ways to Pack smartly

1. Make a List & Spread ‘em out

As someone who’s traveling or packing on his/her own for the first time, silly mistakes like underpacking or over-packing are common. Bypass this curve by first, making a list and then spreading out all your items – clothes, essentials, toiletries on the bed or a mat. Get a good look at it. Now, look at the list! Again look at the items and think of the things missing or the ones you can do without.

2. Rolling your clothes

Be it any bag- suitcase or otherwise, rolling your garments will provide you with space. So much more space! This is key to traveling in an optimized way. Folding clothes tend to take up space that can otherwise be used for other items or more clothes. This packing tip will lend a lot of flexibility to travelers.

3. Plan Ahead

  1. Know your airline policies to avoid any last minute shocks with the baggage. Packing tips for air travel are varied and that’s for another time. 
  2. Know what you can avoid pertaining to the weather, events of your trip. For eg, be wary of the number of footwear and warm clothes you carry.
  3. Read extensively about the place you are visiting as this helps in ticking off some unwanted material lying in your bag.

4. Packing Cubes

You may be traveling for business, leisure or studies but the utility of packing cubes will come in handy for all! Packing cubes are quite durable and clothes stack up neatly in packing cubes. It compartmentalizes your packing items and even compresses garments. This helps you navigate through the age old problem of “Not being able to find what you need when you really need them!” Packing cubes can be a gamechanger for travelers because of the multiple benefits. Try it once and it is for sure that you will grow fond of them. 

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5. Cheeky Tips

A few travel packing tips and tricks to add more style and convenience areas listed below,

  1. All your cables- earphones, chargers, connectors can be packed in an old sunglasses case. This helps in keeping them in order and prevents it from getting entangled. 
  2. Carry tote bags (women), Ziplocs for separating jewelry from the rest of the items. Having semi-disposable drawstring bags (basic quality) can be great to segregate the soiled garments, shoes from the rest of the luggage on your way back. In a way, this can be your dirty clothes bag
  3. Protection: Binder clips for protecting razor edges are a good idea. Plastic wraps can be used to prevent leakage of shampoos, oils and other liquids.
  4. Did you know the space in your shoes could be used to stuff your socks, underwear, etc. This can help you to manage free space in your bag further. 

6. Bag in a Bag

Suitcase packing tips are here! Most suitcases have a zipper in the center inside. In can go another bag just in case you intend to return with more stuff wherein you’ll need another bag. But this may not be suitable if you are certain about shopping a lot more stuff than a bag like that can accommodate. So then the idea is to pack your luggage in a small suitcase and put it in a bigger suitcase. On your way back you can pack both suitcases with goodies from the trip and of course the stinky old stuff! 

7. Miscellaneous Advice

Carry sample-size or minimum toiletries if you’re going to be staying in good hotels. In your carry-on bag, have copies of your original documents as well as have them emailed to yourself for safety. Wear that bulky item in your bag rather than stuffing it. It is important that you fill your water bottle after the security check as per airport rules. Running a quick check on the same can save you time and effort at the airport. 

Smart packing for all your travels will ease the pressure of your journey letting you be in the moment and spend more time relaxing or working. As much as it is stressed upon, implementing all these tips will need some preparation and that is where your travelogues shall have the potential to truly be amazing! Happy traveling, voyagers!