With only a week to go for the Carnival, packing and planning for the trip properly is of utmost importance to enjoy to the fullest. The Carnival is obviously a happening place which attracts people from all over the world. In this happy atmosphere, there are a bunch of things that you as a tourist can do to keep yourself smiling all the way. The city of Corcovado mountain and the adjoining Tijuca forest is also known for its favelas (Urban slum villages). Therefore, taking due measures before visiting Rio is as important as being excited for the Carnival! 

So here’s our list of 6 tips for the Rio Carnival, 2020

1. F & B

Since it’s a six-day event, take care of the food and beverages you take in. You might wanna go easy on the alcohol in the first couple of days at least. Stay hydrated by making conscious efforts to drink water every now and then. The country has a tropical climate which means that additional care has to be taken with regards to food. Grab fresh fruits and be stocked up on the same for your body’s adequate supply of nutrients. Trust me, the heat is gonna get to you. 

2. Shakin’ a leg

Whether or not you’re into dancing, learning a couple of steps in Brazilian Samba can add to your experience. It is an integral part of the Carnival and quite different from ballroom Samba. Watching a few videos to shake a leg the Brazilian way is a good idea while hiring a tutor locally for you and your friends is an even better idea. As time permits, choose your option- you may even ask a local to familiarize you with the steps, check and improve on them. 

3. Safety First

Rio attracts tens of thousands of tourists for the Carnival every year. Be sure to not wander off into places where there is less action. Crime is fairly prevalent in the city and hence, due caution must be exercised so as to not lurk around tourist spots after it is dark. Stay in a place that is closer to the beach for safety. Carry only essentials while on the carnival. Pick-pocketing and theft cases are not uncommon. Taxis may overcharge and take you for a ride, so tender exact change to drivers as well as confirm the rates beforehand.

4. Carnival-Ready

It’s a carnival, not any random party. Get your costumes on! There are a lot of options in full-costume that visitors can try and go for. It is completely fine if you don’t wish to go for a full costume because a lot of accessories are at your disposal. Masks, head-gear, ethnically significant flowers, necklaces are adorned at the carnival. Yes, that’s the norm and you can be your own kind of crazy. No judgments. Buying these are very easy because of their accessibility.

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5. Choose Your Blocos:

So Rio Carnival is a grand party annually for sure, yes! But there are a number of smaller blocos (street parties) which are lesser-known, spread across the city. All you have to do is plan accordingly to get to these blocos on time and know for real, where the carnival is moving to. Get your transport plans in place as well. Choose a good mix of the bigger ones and the quaint ones. We recommend you to experience both the flavors of the carnival!

6. The Clique

Adding to the point of blocos, make sure to be around a group of people. You need to grow a sense of where the action is transpiring. It could be your group of friends that you are experiencing the Carnival with or even enjoying it alone but in any case, be close to the happening stuff. Also, it helps if you are with a bunch of people to figure out where the party is moving. You can obviously live the age-old saying – The more the merrier!

The event is a huge affair not only in Rio but also in other cities of Brazil like Sao Paulo as also in other cities on the globe. It is considered one of the phenomenons to witness before you hit the bucket.