If flying to a destination, airfares can be your biggest expense. And, if you are a frequent traveler, then it might hurt your pocket in the long run. Eventually, you may start considering affordable destinations, restricting yourself to a specific budget. So why buy expensive plane tickets when you can find cheaper ones by putting in some efforts? After all, it is going to be worth it.

Do you want to know how to get an online air ticket booking for a lesser price? Here are some expert tips for you:

1. Book Early – Avail Lower Airfares

Booking flight tickets months in advance is one of the best ways to save on your pocket. Because normally the prices of air tickets go up in the last two to three weeks before the departure date. So, it is better to book early to avoid a hike in costs. In case if you are planning to go international, it is advisable to make air ticket booking online at least three to six months in advance, which will help you save more.

Another perk of booking early is that you can select your preferred seat, else you will have to pay extra for the same seat. Ultimately, it will further add up to your total expenses.

2. Book Connecting Flights – Reduce the Cost

One more way to find lower fares is to opt for a connecting flight instead of booking a non-stop flight. If you are in no hurry to reach your final destination, this can be a good option. You can filter your itinerary based on the number of connecting flights you are comfortable with, say 1 stop, 2 stops, or more. Also, if you choose multiple carriers for a particular itinerary, there are chances of saving some cash.

3. Be Flexible – Find Cheap Flights

If you don’t have any specific travel dates, destination, or airport in mind, the probability of getting cheaper flight tickets is higher. You can choose to fly in the middle of the week or on the actual holiday/event say, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day when not many people are traveling.

Airfares also vary based on the airports located within the range of 100 miles. Additionally, flying into the less popular airports can get you less expensive flight tickets.

In case of destinations, plan your travel in the off-season as, during this time, many airlines reduce the costs of their tickets, allowing you to save some more dollars.

4. Browse Multiple Booking Sites – Get the Best Deals

Using more than one online travel booking site is another strategy that works really well. Browse through different portals, look for the cheapest online air ticket booking site and avail the best deal for your itinerary.

5. Keep an Eye on Promotional Offers – Enjoy Massive Savings

No matter how busy your schedule is, take out some time during the day and keep an eye on the latest deals and offers launched by the airlines and travel booking sites. You can follow them on their social media accounts to stay updated. Besides this, you can set price alerts to get notified of the newest fare sale and dropping airfares.

Some more tips for booking cheap flights are:

  • Considering discounted airlines for domestic as well as international destinations instead of major ones.
  • Using your Frequent Flier Miles for cash or paying using a combination of both.
  • Try looking for lower fares on certain days of the week- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

The next time you plan to travel anywhere, implement these strategies while searching for cheaper flights and you will not be disappointed.