Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, known for its limestone islands, Buddhist pagodas, quintessential conical hats, bustling streets, and more. While visiting this country you could chance upon some heartwarming people, and discover the heart-wrenching history of Vietnam. From relishing steaming bowls of photos to exploring the mystical caves there are plenty of things to do in Vietnam for all types of travelers. Recently, tourism here has seen a 32.1% growth in tourists and is a very inexpensive place to visit at your convenience.

However, it is a surprise that there are many travelers who aren’t aware of how splendid this country is. So here are a few things to know before planning a trip to Vietnam.

1. Having a Visa approval letter is mandatory

If you’re a U.S. traveler, you MUST apply for a visa to Vietnam before departure. You’ll need to get a letter of approval before getting on the flight to Vietnam. If you forget to apply for your Visa approval letter, you can still get one at the last minute, but it could cost you up to $200 per person, so make sure you do it in advance.

2. Bag a great deal on flights to Vietnam

For budget travelers, this country is a blessing in disguise as it offers incredible value for accommodation, food, and transport. If you are traveling out of the US you will need to book a flight to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or Da Nang depending on the route you plan to take. To get the best deals and discounts on the flights to Vietnam you can simply call Faremart on 18442375454.

3. Travel Insurance can save you a lot of money

Vietnam is a mystical land that is best enjoyed with travel insurance in hand. Your expenses can go beyond imagination when sudden incidents such as illness or theft happen, so it is better to be prepared for unforeseen events by traveling with a good travel insurance policy.

4. Ride or take a flight around Vietnam

Bikes and taxis are incredibly cheap and reliable ways to commute across the country. If you’re not a big fan of riding and falling short on time, you can consider booking a flight. Alternatively, you could also choose a train or bus for traveling around Vietnam.

5. Don’t expect to have a beach holiday

Vietnam is known for its exotic landscapes, intriguing caves, and rich culture. There are plenty of fascinating things to see and do than just spending time on the beach. Nevertheless, there are a lot of beaches in Vietnam, but they aren’t as clean and popular as the beaches in Thailand and the Philippines.

6. Hanoi is not as big as you think

Although Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is a bigger city. Hanoi is a pleasant place that is not very busy, and a lot quieter than Ho Chi Minh. When you land in Hanoi take a stroll around the old quarters and explore the diverse handcrafted articles made by the local craftsmen.

7. Haggling is the key to shopping

Prices are very cheap for things you get in Vietnam but vendors attempt to charge westerners a higher price than locals, so it is wise to have a fair idea of what the item will cost in Vietnamese dong before purchasing.

Pro tip: Do not be afraid to decline the first price and haggle for a better deal.

8. Calling it a foodies paradise is an understatement

You are definitely in for a tantalizing culinary experience when in Vietnam. Like the swarming bikes in the city, their street food diners are everywhere and it is amazing how you can get a meal for less than $5 while enjoying the world’s cheapest draft beer.

What to try: Along with Vietnamese coffee, bun cha (pork noodles), spicy pho (soup) and cha ca (fish with noodles) are some of the popular dishes to try in Vietnam.

Bonus Tips:

  • Avoid drinking tap water in Vietnam.
  • Don’t let the size of the country fool you, have a rough itinerary in mind.
  • Theft is common in tourist areas, so minimize the number of valuables you carry. 
  • Bikes are definitely the way to explore, only if you are a confident driver.
  • Pack thoughtfully, as the weather is significantly different in every region.

Travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn. When planned right, traveling to Vietnam will unfold into an extraordinary experience worth treasuring.