With only flight expenses taking the major part of the travel budget, many people will be eager to know about the ways this could be decreased. In addition to the different ways to save on flight tickets, one can also use cashback offers for saving an extra buck. Here, a percentage of your purchase will be returned to you as a cash rebate.

In this article, we explain how you can claim credit card offers on flight tickets. We explain the different ways and also examine the pros and cons of each way.

Ways of getting cashback on booking flight tickets:

As you know, booking through airlines provider is not the only way of flight booking as you can also book flights in Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or other aggregators. Within them, many OTA’s announce special cashback offers for specific kinds of credit cards or transactions. 

Other than them, there also exist Cashback portals, designed specifically for this purpose that also provides cashback offers. Let us look at both of them:

  • Using your OTA

As a part of providing incentives to buy tickets through them, many Online travel agencies will provide cashback offers for buying tickets through them. Go through the website of your favorite OTA  and see if they are giving any cashback offers. Most of the time, the offers would be different for each credit card.

The advantage here can be said to be that the amount you will get can be high compared to cashback portals but the disadvantage here is that you might not have the credit card having the best offer and also the time offer persists can vary.

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  • Using Cashback portals

Cashback portals receive a commission for directing traffic to retailers and give a percentage of that as cashback. There are many cashback portals available and the process of getting it is similar for all of them. After going to the website, search for the OTA or airline you are interested in or if you have not picked on anything and want to see all you can do that too. 

After searching, results containing the offers will be displayed. After selecting an offer that interests you, it is important to understand the specific information about the offer like when will you get cashback or what could make you not eligible for it, etc. After understanding all the necessary information regarding this, go through their website to the retailer and buy as you do normally and you will get the cashback.

The advantage here is that many have the same offers on all the cards but the amount you will get can be lower than that of OTA. 


People will always try for the ways of saving money on their flight tickets. Cashback offers are among those ways that help you save money on flights. The concept of cashback is simple, you make a transaction and a percentage or a set amount will be rebated. 

OTA’s offer cashback offers but there also exist portals that are designed specifically for this purpose. Each of the two has its own pros and cons and the buyer must make a decision after considering all of them.