It is not new to hear people say they love flights! More so the journey of getting away from the daily routine, walking into an airport seems to excite most people because of obvious reasons. But one’s first long-haul flight is enough to bring a certain in these feelings of eagerness. 

Here Are Easy Ways To Survive a Long-Haul Flight:

1. Plan Ahead

Flying in the air for more than 12 to 14 hours can’t be pleasant and takes a toll on the body and mind of the traveler. Surviving long haul flights might need some preparation. Getting the desired seat (aisle or window) may not be a choice if you book tickets at the last minute. Similarly booking a little early helps you choose the preferred airline too! 

2. Comfortable Clothes:

If you have packed to perfection and have worn the bulkier garments like a sweater or even footwear, be sure to keep the lighter clothes handy. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and you may take off your boots once inside. Every inch of space near your seat is important on the flight, so plan your clothing and packing wisely. 

3. Say “Hi” and Be Nice

Tips for a long haul flight cannot be complete without this one: patience and considerate behavior. It is a good idea to smile once in a while and be empathetic to the rest of your fellow travelers than put on a long face all the time. You could end up making friends on the journey. Be a little conscious of the person sitting behind when you recline and other small things like that.

4. Offline Mode 

Keep a good list of movies and playlist of songs readily downloaded on your favorite streaming apps and music apps. With your choicest media and entertainment at your disposal, you will have a few fun things to do on a long haul flight. Remember to take the time out to do this beforehand so that you are pretty sorted on the flight with what you wanna watch, listen to. 

5. Bring your own food

In a stuffy aircraft, you should have the liberty to choose what you eat. Also traveling across time-zones will mean that you are served food at the wrong hour on your body clock. Get your own snacks, rolls, sandwiches and whatever you eat. If you must eat in the flight, then be careful of the type of snacks and the time when you eat. Pro tip: Eat light, walk into the airplane on an empty stomach. 

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6. MOVE!

It is best to get some stretches done or go for a workout session on the day you have to fly a long one. Moving inside the plane is a life-saver for your muscles that do not have a lot to do whilst seated on a plane. Als, it will get the blood flowing keeping you energetic and active. It goes without saying- Put those miles to use for an upgrade! 

7. Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy! 

This might seem like stupid advice but hey, when you are 22,000 feet above the ground and have nothing else to do, what do you do? We say, nothing! This is your chance for some “me time”! Disconnect with your gadgets and maybe take some time to introspect on the year that passed. Put the pen on paper and make a list of the things that went right, pat yourself, some credit to self. 

8. Battle-Ground-Ready

If the things to do on a long haul flight does not excite you, you’re definitely a fan of sleeping. To doze off peacefully, carry a neck pillow, earplugs, eye-mask. You could also think about investing in a good pair of ear-phones with the noise cancellation feature. Tick off this check-list!

9. H20

Drink enough water on the plane. Refill your bottles with water before getting on the plane. Do not hesitate to call out the air hostess for getting your bottle fuelled in case you haven’t by the time you enter the plane. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and stay hydrated as much as possible with the right foods.

10. Keep Yourself Happy

Again, another important suggestion quite often overlooked. There will be enough reasons to lose your peace of mind on a long-haul flight but avoid complaining in the head and before you know it, the flight has landed at your destination. Play a meditation or soothing music to connect with yourself and turn inward.