We all have downtimes in our day to day lives and after struggling hard enough and we just want to take a break and retreat. Coming out from regular lives to refocus on creating a foundation will help you shape your future better. Here are some of the places to visit for retreating yourselves:

1. Nayara Springs of Costa Rica

Nayara Springs Costa Rica

Nayara Springs is a resort located in Arenal Volcano National Park which provides a luxurious and intimate experience and is surrounded by tropical rain forests. Each suite here has a romantic contemporary decor and also features a private thermal pool. No wonder it is so popular with couples!

It features daily breakfast, Free Wifi, and many other facilities. There are also yoga and mixology classes here that you can be a part of.

2. Namib Desert

Namib Desert

Namib is a coastal desert that is located in South Africa. It is so huge that even though when you go in what is considered a high season for travelers, you generally will not find another group of people before 3 hours of driving. The popular places in Namib desert include Dune 45, Sousse Ville and others. The balloon tour across the dunes is famous here. If you cannot afford that, you can also go for an airplane ride.

3. North and South Islands of New Zealand

North South Island New Zealand

New Zealand has seen a travel boom within recent years and it never compromises. Both the North and South Islands of New Zealand compete with each other on which is the best place to be visited.  Beaches, the Maori cultural shows, Volcanoes, being the best shopping place are all the ups of North island while South islands are known for their national parks, Mountains, glaciers, and lakes.

4. Iceland


Iceland has been gaining traction in recent years as the hottest tourist destination. Iceland has a lot to offer from beautiful and gorgeous landscapes to friendly people. One of the most important things to watch here is the northern lights. It is a spectacular show of light that is natural and elusive. Other important sights to see are Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik and also don’t miss the snow-covered volcanoes, mountains and ice fields.

5. Halekulani Hotel

Halekulani Hotel

Halekulani Hotel is located in Waikiki Beach Hawaii and has been hosting the visitors for nearly 100 years. It has many property amenities including Free Wifi, Beach, Babysitting, Pool and other things. It has a good reputation for its gracious hospitality and its great cuisine.

Tips for buying cheap tickets

Many of the places mentioned above aren’t nearer to other major places and tourists might need to pay a lot just for the tickets which might discourage the will to travel to them. But with careful and proper ways, one could easily book cheap tickets with many offers on flights. 

The trusted airline services can help to get the best deals for you. You will not only get the flight booking at a discounted price but also bookings for hotels and other activities too. Go with the airline service that gives you the cheapest flights available from different airlines and lets you choose the best one.

So travel the world, experience new things and resume your new rejuvenated life!